digs, digging, dug
1) VERB If people or animals dig, they make a hole in the ground or in a pile of earth, stones, or rubbish.

They tried digging in a patch just below the cave...

[V n] Dig a largish hole and bang the stake in first...

[V through n] Rescue workers are digging through the rubble in search of other victims.

[V for n] ...digging for shellfish at the Battery at low tide...

[V-ed] Two men were standing by the freshly dug grave.

2) VERB If you dig into something such as a deep container, you put your hand in it to search for something.

[V into/in n] He dug into his coat pocket for his keys.

3) V-ERG If you dig one thing into another or if one thing digs into another, the first thing is pushed hard into the second, or presses hard into it.

[V n into n] She digs the serving spoon into the moussaka...

[V n into n] I grab George's arm and dig my nails into his flesh...

[V into n] He could feel the beads digging into his palm...

[V-ed] Graham was standing there, his hands dug into the pockets of his baggy white trousers.

4) VERB If you dig into a subject or a store of information, you study it very carefully in order to discover or check facts.

[V into n] ...as a special congressional enquiry digs deeper into the alleged financial misdeeds of his government...

[V into n] He has been digging into the local archives...

[V adv] Much that is included in them has appeared in other published works, and one must dig hard for reliable new material.

5) VERB If you dig yourself out of a difficult or unpleasant situation, especially one which you caused yourself, you manage to get out of it.

[V pron-refl] Occupants of the White House have exploited their office at key moments in an election campaign to dig themselves out of trouble...

He's taken these measures to try and dig himself out of a hole.

6) VERB If you say that you dig something, you mean that you like it and understand it. [INFORMAL, OLD-FASHIONED]

[V n] `They play classic rock'n'roll,' states her boyfriend, `My dad digs them too.'...

[V it] I can dig it. I don't expect a band always to be innovative.

7) N-COUNT: oft on N A dig is an organized activity in which people dig into the ground in order to discover ancient historical objects.

He's an archaeologist and has been on a dig in Crete for the past year.

8) N-COUNT: usu N at n If you have a dig at someone, you say something which is intended to make fun of them or upset them.

Americans are always quick to have a dig at the British...

She couldn't resist a dig at Dave after his unfortunate performance.

9) N-COUNT If you give someone a dig in a part of their body, you push them with your finger or your elbow, usually as a warning or as a joke.

Cassandra silenced him with a sharp dig in the small of the back.

10) N-PLURAL: oft in N If you live in digs, you live in a room in someone else's house and pay them rent. [BRIT, INFORMAL, OLD-FASHIONED]

He went to London and lived in digs in Gloucester Road...

11) PHRASE: V inflects If you dig deep, you do a very thorough investigation into something.

I want you to dig deep. Find out who she is, and where she came from.

12) PHRASE: V and N inflect If someone digs into their pocket or digs into their purse, they manage after some difficulty to find the money to pay for something.

Holidaymakers are digging deep into their pockets to book late summer breaks.

13) to dig one's heels insee heel
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